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Updated 2017 BMW F800 gets ride-by-wire, better ergonomics – AutoIndustriya.com


Text: Marcus De Guzman / Photos: BMW | posted November 14, 2016 09:00

Safer, more responsive BMW F800 series unveiled

Better throttle response, along with new safety features have recently made their way in BMW’s 2017 F800 series of bikes. According to BMW Motorrad, the enhancements will make for a safer ride, while also introducing new additional riding modes.

The 2017 BMW F800 R and GT models

For starters, both the F800 R and F800 GT now have ride-by-wire technology which makes for finer control and better engine response. The new feature also allowed BMW to install extra riding modes; namely ‘Rain’ and ‘Road’. Available as an option, on the other hand, is ‘Dynamic’ which allows for a sporiter ride accoridng to BMW.

It retains the dual gauge setup (speedometer and tachometer) but gets newly-designed dials that are now easier to read. Both motorcycles also now have a malfunction indicator light (MIL) as well as riding mode information for improved ergonomics.

The 2017 BMW F800GT in action

Speaking of ergonomics, BMW claimed the F800 R gets new higher handlebars for a more relaxed seating position. In addition, BMW also said that with the low seating, shorter drivers will be easily able to find a comfortable riding position. The ‘Design Option’ wheels for the F800 R are available extras which gives the bike a sportier finish and is reminiscent of the BMW S 1000 RR.

The 2017 BMW F800R taking a corner

Providing power to the F800 series is a 798cc Parallel Twin engine that produces 90 PS at 8000 rpm and 86 Nm at 6000 rpm. It is then married to a 6-speed transmission….

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