This week in games: Quake Champions, funky Mass Effect faces, and a Civilization VI demo

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day for some of you, and you know what they say in Ireland: “Kiss me, I write about video game news.” Think I heard that somewhere.

This week we’ve got Mass Effect’s animation woes, an ultra-detailed sailing simulator, confirmation that Quake Champions will be free-to-play, a Civ VI demo, more free Planet Coaster content, and a collection of Capcom’s licensed Disney platformers for the NES.

It’s gaming news for March 13 to 17.

Small-scale strategy

It’s the Return of the Demo this week—specifically, strategy game demos. Recently released RTS Halo Wars 2 now has a try-it-out option on the Windows 10 Store, featuring the opening campaign mission (it’s pretty short) and the Blitz Firefight mode that also showed up in the beta earlier this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game’s sales are a bit sluggish, so it makes sense for Microsoft to try and snag players.

This other game probably doesn’t have that issue: Civilization VI now has a demo on Steam. I can’t imagine who needs to demo a Civilization game in 2017 to know if it’s up their alley, but nevertheless it’s there, and you can play the first 60 turns to see if you’d like to buy turns 61 through infinity. (The game’s also on sale this weekend.)

The Marble Nest

Strategy not your style? Check out the demo/teaser for Ice Pick’s upcoming Pathologic remake. Released to backers last year,The Marble Nest is now available through Steam and functions as “a mood-piece, created to acquaint you with the world of Pathologic. It’s a self-contained short story that uses the same assets and premise as the main game, but works as a spin-off.” Recommended for your daily dose of weird.

Come sail away

Cue up the yacht rock, grab a cooler full of beers, and get ready to live the high life: Sailaway promises “to accurately simulate the wonders of sailing as realistically as possible.” And the developers really mean it—apparently a trip across…

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