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The six deadly sins of management – dailytelegraph.com.au


Business Leader Simone Milasas at her favourite place in Queensland, Peregian Beach. Photo Lachie Millard

Managers  take heed. While you may recognise the words: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth there is a separate set of sins you could be committing in the workplace.

Business mentor and ­author Simone Milasas, says there are some deadly sins in management that can drive dedicated workers out.

Not only are these “sins” counter-productive but a bad manager can steal your personal happiness too, she said.

First up, putting unrealistic and unnecessary pressure on your staff is a guaranteed way to lower the performance of your business, says Simone Milasas. It’s also important to keep the trust of employees and take the time to consider options and their opinion, she adds.

Milasas who coaches people on doing business from a “place of joy and difference” explains the deadly management sins.

Business Leader Simone Milasas. Picture: Lachie Millard


Don’t be a tyrant. Micromanaging sends the message that you are focused on only one particular way of thinking. Instead encourage your staff to make autonomous decisions and respect their opinions. This creates a positive and productive workplace.

Failing to hire the right staff

In any business there are three main types of people. Movers have high ambitions and know how to run a business, acting in ways today that will benefit the business ­tomorrow. Connectors are great sellers…

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