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Pair of Enota school options being considered – Gainesville Times


After nearly a year of controversy, the Smartville garden at Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy is not part of either building plan likely to be considered today.

The Gainesville Board of Education agreed at its Oct. 3 meeting to consider two options for a new Enota school. Both options include a new garden, and the current one would be destroyed as the site is graded to nearly level.

The school board will hold a called meeting at noon today in the board room at the central school office.

A new school building for Enota has been a source of controversy all year, as supporters of the current garden sought to keep the garden as part of the new school. Plans were first announced in December 2015 after board members in August 2015 toured the city schools with an eye to renovations and/or replacements.

Both options likely to be discussed today are variations on the first site plan presented to the board in February. Both would lower the elevation of the property by nearly 6 feet.

The dirt graded from the highest point would be used to fill in the current playground to make the site more even.

The major differences in the sites include two aspects:

• The playground would be toward the rear and more parallel to the current parking lot, and vehicle traffic would come off Enota Avenue onto school property farther away from the school. The traffic would extend into the current playground area.

• The other option has the playground in its current location but…

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