North Korea creepy propaganda music heard over DMZ in new footage – Daily Star

North Korea seen across DMZ and, inset, Kim Jong-unMICHAEL HAVIS/GETTY

NO MAN’S LAND: North Korea seen across the DMZ and, inset, Kim Jong-un

Daily Star Online visited the DMZ, a stretch of land four kilometres thick that splits the Korean peninsula in two.

There, at the Dora Observatory, permitted visitors can peer into the secretive state from a short distance.

And in quiet moments you can hear something creepy – the sound of singing from beyond the boundary.

North Korea viewed across DMZMICHAEL HAVIS

NO MAN’S LAND: The DMZ with a guard outpost, left, and the North’s Propaganda village, right

“The loudspeakers appear to broadcast from every location where we are broadcasting”

South Korean official

Video taken during the visit captures the strange, operatic tune as it sounds from the South.

According to our guide, it’s propaganda music, blared across the border all day, every day.

He tells us he only picks up the occasional line of verse, but it’s typically singing Kim’s praises.

And apparently it’s not a vain attempt to tempt defectors from the South – it’s just part of an information war.

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