Grand Island musical director retires after 34 musicals |

GRAND ISLAND (AP) — From “Once Upon A Mattress” to “Sister Act,” Carol Quandt has been the acting director for 34 musicals at Northwest High School.

But after the curtain falls Quandt will hand her directing duties over to a new person, whoever that may be.

David Sackschewsky, the vocal music teacher at Northwest who handles the musical numbers and dancing for the school’s musicals, said he has told Quandt that he would like to work with her for another 10 years. Quandt recalls Sackschewsky putting his request with slightly different words: “Can’t you go until you’re 80?”

Quandt said her response is always, “No, Shack, I don’t think I can.”

For his part, Sackschewsky said it has been great working with Quandt over the years. “I have learned many things from Mrs. Quandt over the years, from how to build sets, how to make the scenes funny, how to make scenes more dramatic and how to make them “tight,” said Sackschewsky. A “tight” scene is one without of the slightest bit of lag in dialogue, music or action that might permit the minds of audience members to wander.

“The time has come,” said Quandt, about her decision to quit. “I’m just ready to do something else. I always wanted to do some writing and it always gets put on the back burner. I do have thoughts of writing my own musical. I have several ideas that I would love to at least get something done.

“I’m the last of my generation in our family. I would like to write a history of our family farm, homesteaded by Civil War soldiers. If I don’t write this story down, it’s not going to get written down. So I have some writing of my own to do,” said Quandt, who taught English during her years at Northwest High School.

Quandt’s first year at Northwest was during the 1983-84 school year. She taught full time until 1999, before teaching part time for another few school years. During the…

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