Artificial Intelligence And Its Place In The Music Industry [INTERVIEW]

Drew Silverstein CEO of Amper Music, a music composition platform run entirely by artificial intelligence, shares his thoughts on the future of AI in music, and how it will continue to shape the music industry as we move forward.


Guest post from Synchblog

We chat to Drew Silverstein, CEO of AI-powered music composition platform Amper Music, about how artificial intelligence will shape the future of music.

Hi Drew, thanks for chatting with us. How did you get into music in the first place?

Growing up I wanted to be a fighter pilot or a composer. Eventually I went to college to study music composition, and afterwards I was fortunate to have a job in Hollywood working with the composer Christopher Lennertz. I started from the very bottom and worked my way up, and I ended up working with Chris on blockbuster movies, TV shows and video games including Ride Along, Horrible Bosses, and Mass Effect 3.

How did you and your co-partners develop the idea of Amper Music? 

My two co-founders, Sam Estes, Michael Hobe and I are all composers and have worked in this industry for a while. Sam and Michael worked on projects with Hans Zimmer such as Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy. We would have so many conversations with directors and producers who’d use stock music libraries to find music, which is not only time consuming and involves legal and financial hurdles, but also means that the music is not unique or customised to their purpose. So they’d ask us to write music for them instead, which of course isn’t always economically viable. We thought, “What if we could build a creative AI that would give you that experience of collaborating with a composer, within your time and economic framework.” So we got to work. 

“We have a core belief that the future of music will be created through the collaboration between humans and AI.”

We have a core belief that the future of music will be created through the…

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