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Starting a new business venture requires a lot of vigilance – from ensuring customer satisfaction to seeking the highest quality in products or services. One area that needs even more attention, though, is financial health. All of the great ideas in the world can’t keep a new business afloat if the cash dries up. If your primary area of expertise is not in money management, then take a look at these accounting tips for startups:


1. Give Payment Incentives

Mark up your goods and services to allow for a discount for people who pay early, set up automatic withdrawals, or opt for a subscription plan. When people feel like they are getting more for their money, they’ll up what they are willing to spend. It also boosts consumer loyalty when buyers feel that they are being rewarded for continued use of your products or services.

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2. Use Accounting Software

Logging in to your bank account every few days and writing checks blindly isn’t a smart way to manage money as an individual – and it’s an even worse idea for startups. In order to make smart money decisions for your business in both the short and long term, you must have a good handle on where you stand financially at all times. The best way to ensure this is through thorough, accurate and intuitive accounting software. Using cloud-based accounting software will make it even easier to access your financial…

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